Laravel has been and still is the most popular PHP framework since its inception. Vue.js is relatively new but it has been gaining lots of attention from all over the world since the first release. You can create remarkable apps by combining Laravel & Vue.js.

There are many Laravel + Vue.js starter kit available but none of them are complete or easy enough to get started. Some lack basic functionality like authentication, sample CRUD module or responsive layout, etc. We tried to create a starter kit with some basic features like authentication, registration, user profile with a sample todo module and with many plugins like two-factor authentication, screen lock due to inactivity, maintenance mode, etc, using the latest version of bootstrap. This starter kit can be handy enough for your new Laravel + Vue.js project. It will speed-up your project development time. If you are working first time on Laravel + Vue.js or learning either of them then this is a perfect script to get started.

Instead of developing your project from scratch, you can choose to start with this starter kit and use the basic features with few clicks. You will also get a new responsive bootstrap 4.x theme made from scratch to give an awesome experience to the user of your project.

This script will be updated frequently with the latest features and also upgrading the version of the framework & plugins. Please share your feedback, feature request which we will try to implement in future versions.

Highlights of this KodeUI Laravel Vue.js SPA Bootstrap Admin Starter Kit - 

  • Most Popular PHP Framework - Laravel 7.x
  • Easy to use & learn Javascript Framework - Vue.js 2.x
  • Centralized Vuex Store system
  • Most Popular Frontend Framework - Bootstrap 4.x
  • Prebuilt Single Page Application with RESTful API
  • Build with the help of Webpack
  • Integrated Service Worker for Optimized Cache and Push Notifications
  • Multiple UI & Theme options

The author assumes that you have basic knowledge of PHP, Laravel & Javascript to start development with this script. If you have no experience with either, then you should give a try to some of the amazing tutorials available online.

For any kind of support, please raise a ticket at

We are looking forward to your suggestions & feedback.