Always make sure that you are accessing the application with root domain (, sub domain ( or virtual host (http://kodeui.test), if you try to access like or or http://localhost/kodeui, you will get blank page. The is intended behaviour of Laravel.

If you are able to run Laravel framework in your server, you should be able to run this script without any issue.

After making sure that your system has all the prerequisites & once created the virtual host, you are ready to install the application. Once you download the file from, you will get a compressed file in your computer. Extract it to the folder where you wish to install.

Make sure the virtual host you are creating must have any extension like ".test", ".as" or whatever you wish to have.

Open .env file as shown in the above screenshot in any text editor (Say Notepad++ or Atom or Sublime Text Editor or VSCode) and enter required details. You must have done this step previously if you have deployed Laravel application.

You need to update the values which are marked under red box. The script uses Laravel Sanctum for Authentication, for which you need to set SESSION_DOMAIN & SANCTUM_STATEFUL_DOMAINS. For details please visit

For example, if you are installing the application on then set following values on .env file:



If you are installing it on local system and created a virtual host "kodeui.test" then set following values on .env file:





Once done, you just need to go to your browser and open the URL (Virtual Host) you have created. You will get an installation wizard to complete the installation where you need to enter the database records.

Once installed, You will get login page of this script. You can use default admin login detail "admin" as username & "password" as password.

If you miss any of these step, you might not get the login page. For any query please raise a ticket at