The script comes with many configurations related to login & authentication. You can access it by navigating to Left Sidebar -> Authentication Menu. Here is the screenshot of this page.

Here are description of each option:

Reset PasswordEnabling this option will enable reset password feature for users
Two Factor SecurityEnabling this option will offer additional security by asking OTP after login
Lock ScreenEnabling this option to lock the screen if the user hasn't perform any action for certain period
Login ThrottleIt prevents multiple failed login attempts by user
RegistrationIt enables registration link in the login page
Login with OTPIt enables user login via OTP
Email needs VerificationIt forces user to verify their email after registration
Account needs ApprovalIt forces admin to verify user account after registration
Social LoginIt enables social login
Session LiftimeThe period for which user login session will remain valid
Reset Password Token LifetimeThe period for which reset password token will remain valid

In case you have any query, you can raise a ticket at our support portal.