Go to Meetings from the Left Sidebar Menu, click on the "Add New" button.

Fill up the form with required details. Once completed, click on the "Save Meeting" button. Meeting once stored, will be listed on Meeting page. Next, click on that meeting to view the meeting in detail.

Next, click on the "Add New Invitee" button to invitee participants. You will be asked to enter the segments & the contacts to invite. Once saved, all the invitee will be listed on meeting detail page. Now, you can send invitation email to the participants.

Users, who are already registered with this application, need not to perform any action & they can join the meeting by simply login (with password or otp) into their account.

However, new users who are not registered with this application, will need to click on the invitation email link.

Once clicked, you will be redirected to login with email otp page. If otp is verified, you will be redirected further to meeting detail page.