If you are not familiar with the servers or services required for this script, click and read here:


We also provide some additional technical services to help our buyers get the product up and running. Here are all the services and their charges:

1. Server Setup & Installation Prerequisites Setup: $50 - $300 (one-time)
     As mentioned on our documentation, you have to follow and make sure your server fulfills all our installation prerequisites before installing our script. If you need you can hire us to set up the prerequisites on your Application Server to install our Script. Charges for this service depends on the host server and status of the installation prerequisites. For DigitalOcean's Droplet with Ubuntu 18.04 operating system, we charge $50! To setup and install prerequisites on server other then DigitalOcean Droplet, we charge minimum $100. Keep in mind that in our experience we have always experienced trouble setting up server with plesk on it. We recommend a server with Ubuntu 18.04 on it.  

2. Application (Our Product) Installation: $50 (Free for the first time on the live server)
     Free for the first time till the offer is valid. Only valid for live server not on local machines. If you check our support page on Connect Item on CodeCanyon, you will find that support doesn't include installation service, it only includes installation support. But for now we are offering the installation service of our Script on the live server for free for the first time.

3. Signalling Server Setup: $100 for Basic and $200 for Advanced (one-time)
     By default Connect uses a Signalling Server that we offer for free, for the basic & non-commercial use only, to jumpstart the application, for starting out this is perfectly fine. If you are expecting heavy bandwidth usage or commercial usage, you will have to get your own Signalling Server, either by setting up your own or purchasing the service from third party service provider. You can set up your own Signalling Server, or if you want you can hire us to set it up for you. A Signalling Server can be set up on the same machine / server / DigitalOcean droplet, on which Application or TURN Server is hosted on. Advanced Signalling Server allow you to secure the usage of your Signalling Server.

4. ICE (NAT Traversal / TURN / Server Setup: $100 (one-time)

     Currently, there are no TURN or STUN server providers that offer it for FREE. You can use a third party service provider or have your own TURN / STUN Server. You can setup your own or you can hire us to set it up. A TURN / STUN Server can be set up on the same machine / server / DigitalOcean droplet, on which Application or Signaling Server is hosted on.

5. Android Mobile App (TWA) Development: $200 (one-time)

    If you have not read our article on Android mobile application using TWA, click here to read the article

6. Production Customisation$25 / Hr

Payable Amount:

Cost of Services Required + 6% PayPal Transaction Charges + [ 18 % GST - For payment in INR  ]


  • Keep in mind that installation support does not include installation services as per CodeCanyon Support guidelines.
  • When we say we offer one-time free installation, we mean installation of only our Connect script, which you purchase from CodeCanyon. 
  • Android mobile app development doesn't mean native android mobile app, please read the suggested article first.
  • All these charges are to be paid in advance. 
  • Payment can be transferred via PayPal to hi@kodemint.in PayPal account.
  • Any additional services or request in between the services we are hired for, will be charged separately. 
  • For any of the above services we need root credentials to your Server / hosting / WHM / SSH.
  • We won't be responsible for creating domain or sub-domain, or setting up SSL / HTTPS on your domain.