Connect enables you to schedule Live Class, Meetings through Webinar, Audio Conference, Video Conference with multiple participants.

Login as admin & navigate to "System" tab in configuration menu. Choose the currency you are going to offer & select a default currency.

Next, navigate to "Server Provider" tab in configuration menu. Choose server provider as "cPanel" and enter the required details. Make sure that your cPanel password is always up to date here. In case your password mismatch with cPanel password, your client will not be able to create accounts.

Next, navigate to "Tenant Related" tab in configuration menu. Enter the Trial Period (For which your client can accesss this system for FREE), Tenant Subscription Alert Period (For which your client can subscription alter notification on the dashboard) & Unavailable Subdomain (reserved subdomain).

You can also setup Payment Gateway & other configurations.

To read about types of server this application requires, read this:

Pusher API Credentials

Connect also needs Pusher to work! You can opt for a free Pusher account and if required upgrade later.

Here is link to article on how to get Pusher Credentials:

Once you get Pusher API credential, you can go to Configuration -> Pusher Credentials configuration and put the required details.

Signalling Server

Currently Connect uses our own free Signaling Server by default, but there is an option to set your own Signaling Server URL on Configuration.

NAT Traversal (STUN/TURN) Server

Connect uses WebRTC technology to stream audio & video to the meeting attendees. You must have installed SSL on your application server & have a good internet connection. For having 10 participants, you must have at least 6-8Mbps of internet connection. The max limit of the participant depends upon your internet connection speed among other variables.

First read some of the important frequently asked questions:

This module requires to setup a TURN & STUN server for transmitting media between participants. Currently, there are no TURN or STUN server provider that offers it for FREE. Below are the TURN/STUN service provider & their pricing which works with Connect:

You can also opt to setup your own TURN & STUN Server. Read this for minimum server specification required for TURN & STUN Server:

How to setup STUN/TURN Server?

Once you get TURN/STUN server credential, you can go to Configuration -> ICE Servers configuration and put the required details.

Next, you need to create atleast one subscription plan so that your client can signup.

Go to Plans menu from left sidebar. Click on the "Add New" button.

You need to enter the plan name, description, plan features & pricing related information as shown in the above screenshot.

If you check "Allow using Global ICE Config", then you must have stored Ice Configuration & it will allow your client to use your Ice Server. Similarly, if you check "Allow using Global Signal Config", then you must have stored Signal Configuration & it will allow your client to use your Signal Server & same goes for Mail Configuration.

You can also select the type of meeting available to your client along with the maximum number of users they can have in their account.

We also provide some additional technical services to help our buyers get the product up and running. Click here to know more: