Always make sure that you are accessing the application with root domain (, sub domain ( or virtual host (http://connect.test), if you try to access like or or http://localhost/connect, you will get blank page. The is intended behaviour of Laravel.

If you are able to run Laravel framework in your server, you should be able to run this script without any issue.

After making sure that your system has all the prerequisites & once created the virtual host, you are ready to install the application. Once you download the file from, you will get a compressed file in your computer. Extract it to the folder where you wish to install.

If you are installing it on local server, make sure the virtual host you are creating must have any extension like ".test", ".as" or whatever you wish to have.

Navigate to the domain/subdomain or local URL where you are installing the file in your favorite browser. If you are unable to get the installation wizard, then their might be an issue with your PHP Version or server configuration.

You will first see the prerequisite lists. If any of the prerequisites are not fulfilled then you will get error message in the red color. You first need to fix it.

Once all the prerequisites are fulfilled, you can click on the "Next" button and enter the required entries for database connection. Next, you need to enter the admin login details.

During installation, you will need to have an "Access Code", which you can find at You need to login there with your Envato Account. Once logged in, your purchase with KodeMint will be listed there. You can then add your domain (local or live) where you want to install the application. Once added, you can click on the "Activate" button to get the "Access Code".

Once installed, You will get login page of this script. You can login with the username & password which you have setup during installation.

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